Information for visiting  the clinic from July 2, 2020.

To ensure your safety and  the safety of our staff we will be asking all visitors to help follow the  below:

  • Patients will not be permitted into 11 Upper Brook Street, till the time of their appointment (Waiting areas indoors restricted).


  • Please do not bring along family members/ friends for your appointments. They will not be allowed inside. Should you need a chaperone, please email Dr Virmani 24 hours prior to your appointment, so your requirements can be discussed and met with.


  • Please cancel your appointment if your or your family members/ contacts are suffering from any of the following:


  1. Fever

  2.  Shortness of Breath

  3.  Loss of Sense of Taste or Smell

  4.  Dry Cough

  5.  Runny Nose

  6.  Sore Throat


  • Upon arrival, patients will be asked to wear a face covering or mask. All patients are required to sanitize their hands with Alcohol gel at reception.


  • Please do not bring personal possessions to the clinic. Please limit the wearing of jewelry. Wedding rings may be worn provided hands are kept clear from the face.


  • Coats etc will be sealed in a plastic bag at reception.

  • When the treatment is complete, patients will be invited to wash hands.


  • Please maintain a 2-meter distance from other people in the clinic as far as is possible.


  • Please pay by card only or contactless, reducing contact wherever possible and we will clean card machines after each use.When possible, please settle your invoices by Bank Transfer. Cash transactions are highly discouraged.


  • The use of toilets for patients is restricted.


  • The service of beverages and water have been restricted.


Please arrive for your appointment without my makeup or facial products. If you do so, your appointment will be cancelled and will be fully charged.



We have installed air purifiers and UV air cleaners on the premises. The treatment rooms may bear the smell of non toxic disinfectants.

In addition, we have restricted the number of patients to two per day in order to facilitate adequate cleaning and hygiene of the premises.

Your clinician will be masked and shielded during your consultation and treatment.


We thank you for your cooperation.

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