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All Packages and total transformations consist of treatment plans involving more than one treatments.

Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine is not limited to a single treatment. Neither can a single treatment achieve optimum results. 

Patients are strongly advised to consider combination therapies for achieving best non surgical lifting results , targeting different areas and layers of the face/hands etc. Please look at the Morpheus8, Ultraformer 3 and Tixel sections of this website, 

In addition, we recommend the use of Skin boosters such as Profhilo, Skinko or Redensity 1 to keep your skin looking youthful.


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Truly Exceptional Results

This service is known for providing remarkable results, no matter what  the condition before the treatment takes place. 

We tailor make a treatment protocol based on your needs which may include treating turkey bands, restoring lost volume, providing you with a youthful skin and finally tightening everything!


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The Difference You’re Looking For

This package is in huge demand with people focussing on their hands as much as they would on their face. 

As the key treatment for this package, we provide you with Radiesse, the FDA approved treatment for hands. 

In addition, we will restore your skin by using IPL, Limelight, Tixel , Peels , Profhilo and more! 

We are proud to be your go to place for perfect hands!


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Cosderm is proud to bring to you non surgical and non injectable treatments to get rid of excess skin and lines around your eyes!
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