Welcome to the fascinating world of exosomes and their impact on beauty. In recent years, exosomes have emerged as concept in the realm of skincare, offering new possibilities for rejuvenation and enhanced beauty.




Exosomes are tiny vesicles that play a crucial role in intercellular communication. Originating from cells, these extracellular vesicles carry proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, facilitating communication between cells. In skincare, exosomes are harnessed for their potential to promote cellular renewal and regeneration. We derive exsomes from Rose bush or Salmon-which is an easy option for someone who is vegan.



Explore the scientific foundation of exosomes in beauty. Learn how exosomes contribute to improved skin texture, increased collagen production, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Uncover the research behind exosome-based skincare products and their efficacy in promoting a youthful complexion. Unlocking Beauty Secrets with the most powerful antiaging facial in the world.



From serums to creams such as Calecim and Exobalm, these formulations aim to harness the regenerative power of exosomes to enhance skin health. Understand how exosome-based products are designed to address specific skincare concerns, providing a personalized approach to beauty.


We, at Cosderm, have developed the most advanced facial in the world when it comes to anti-aging. It harnesses the power off good old micro needling to create microtrauma in your skin followed by a pressurized ice system which delivers exorcisms deep into your skin. No injections but the results are similar! These power particles are delivered right where they’re meant to act, deep down into your skin. Here they will not just filled College in but they will brighten your skin, start closing your pore, restore lost fat and give back your youth.



There’s no downtime but we advise no make up for 12 hours and no swimming for 24 hours. We would also advise you to not use acids or harsh chemical products on your face or have any other facial treatment in the next 10 days. The treatment is very comfortable and while we do apply some anaesthetic cream for the micro needling it can be performed without anaesthetic cream as well with the pain level at 3/10.


The subzero ice delivery system ensures, that this facial can be performed on people with sensitive skin and rosacea without any problems. The subzero temperatures instantly calm and cool the skin.


It takes approximately one hour. And best results are noticed a week from the treatm




There are no injections involved for those who do not like needles.

Cost: £700