What is Fiberlift

FiberLift offers all the benefits of a surgical facelift but a significantly lower cost,no downtime or pain.
Results are both immediate and long-term as the treated area will continue to improve for several
months following the procedure as additional collagen builds in the deeper layers of the skin.
One treatment is sufficient to benefit from results that will last years.In a  majority of the cases, just one.treatment is required.  In case of incomplete results, it can be repeated for a second time within the first 2 months.

FiberLift is a new cutting edge minimally invasive laser procedure that offers an amazing alternative to surgical facelifts and/or liposuction. Following local anaesthetic, a thin, laser-emitting wire, as thin as a hair, is introduced to the subdermal skin layer.

Originally designed as technology for contouring the middle and lower face without surgery it is now recommended for scars, defining the chin line, lower eye bags, tightening the jaw and neck area, as well as the body including the abdomen, thighs, saggy elbows, and knees.

FiberLift can also treat stubborn skin and fat accumulations in other areas of the body, which cannot be addressed with either diet or exercise as well as be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

There is no specific aftercare required for FiberLlift. One of its greatest advantages is a quick recovery rate. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, no bandages are required after FiberLift, and you can usually return to your normal daily activities the same day. Any discomfort experienced directly following the procedure will typically disappear within 48 hours and is controllable using over-the-counter pain medication.

How much does the FiberLift procedure cost?

Full face starts for £4500 for 3 areas, 1 area £2500 and prices for body treatments are on consultation as price is determined by number of body parts and time to treat.

Further pricing efficiencies are offered for simultaneous face and body treatments.