Tesla Former

TeslaFormer uses FMS(Functional Magnetic Stimulation) technology which delivers magnetic energy (3 Tesla) to the peripheral nerve of the muscle in order for it to contract the muscle to 100% of its strength, known as supramaximal contractions.

The contractions you achieve with TeslaFormer are impossible to achieve with regular exercise.

When you are exercising a muscle, the body will only allow you to contract that muscle to 40% of it’s maximum potential.

Tesla Former Has Unique features

  • More than 50.000 muscle contractions in a 30 minute session.
  • 6 applicators available (4 body applicators and 2 built in the TeslaChair).
  • TeslaChair for Core Muscle Strengthening targeting the pelvic floor, back and abs
  • 24 different phases of muscle contractions.
  • 200 treatment protocols (Aesthetics, Physical Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation and Gyneacology)
  • Alternating applicators using higher energy levels.
  • 3 Tesla Power and 4 Channels.