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In Aesthetic Medicine,QMR (Quantum Molecular Resonance) Technology works in the layer of the dermis, which houses stem cells, thereby initiating a process of restructuring of the metabolic deficiencies and imbalances that lead to ageing. QMR activates cell regeneration by stimulating natural cellular metabolism WITHOUT using heat or any other hyperthermia techniques that can only repair damaged tissue but it doesn’t lead to any regenerative processes.


REXONAGE 3 is the Aesthetic Medicine device which, thanks to QMR, allows cellular rebalancing and regeneration of collagen and elastin in the dermis. It is a non-invasive stimulator of cell metabolism that leads to a real regeneration of a biological tissue. QMR Aesthetic Therapy has a scientific proof of cell regeneration and biological safety.



REXONAGE 3 generates an active spectrum of 16 frequencies between 4MHz and 64MHz. This allows the natural cellular activity in a much more sophisticated, effective and non-invasive form. How does regeneration take place?

QMR Aesthetic Therapy is designed to stimulate the natural cell metabolism, by recovering vigor and tone to a skin that is no longer young. Before therapy The production of important structural proteins contained in the dermis (collagen and elastin) decreases and the protein content tends to diminish due to the slowing of metabolic activity, in particular of the fibroblasts. During therapy QMR Aesthetic Therapy acts on stem cells by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.




No pain. No bruising. No needles. No heat.No burns. No Trauma.



Regression of skin aging, which will be more elastic and glowing and the results will be natural and long-lasting.



£400 per session

£1750 for a set of Five

Includes a Promotion offer of a Free Diamond Glow Facial with Each Session for May-Sept 2024.