Please note all patients are required to provide contact details; including an address, mobile telephone and email in order to secure an appointment.

For your initial consultation we recommend you arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment time and take off all your makeup.

We would be grateful if you do not apply make up on the day of your treatment as it interferes with skin analysis and taking it off immediately prior to a treatment can be irritating to your skin.

It would be useful if you bring in your usual skin care products for your first consultation as Dr Virmani will review your regime.

We require all patients to complete a detailed medical history form at their first appointment as this is necessary to for the treatment planning process and your safety. Please disclose all your medical or surgical information.

If there is a change in your  history during the course of the treatment, it is your responsibility to inform Dr Virmani ASAP and before each intervention.

We take a redeemable £150 deposit for all aesthetic consultations. It is a nonredeemable consultation fee for any skin disease or weight loss services.

We require a 48-hour notice for cancellation of appointment.

All information is confidential and protected in accordance with Data Protection laws.


  • A 30-minute comprehensive new patient filler/toxin rejuvenation appointment with Dr Virmani is £150.
  • Reviews and second opinions are priced at £50 for 20 min.
  • Consultations  for weight loss or skin disease, are not redeemable against treatment costs, unless at the discretion of the Doctor.
  • All invoices /payment links must be settled within 7 days of the appointment failing which we reserve the right to add  15%  late penalty payable in  the next 14 days. Any unsettled invoice after three weeks can be escalated to our debt collection company.
  • The deposit, of £150,  is deducted from the treatment or consultation fee .
  • A discretionary deposit  of upto the full cost of the  treatment will be taken for some treatments that require pre procedure setting up, such as thread lifts and sculptra.
  • Please provide a minimum of 2 working days’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • The fee is nonrefundable if you do not attend, without adequate notice (2 working Days, Mon -Fri).
  • Please note, even with an adequate cancellation notice, there is a 2% administrative fee deducted from the refunded amount.
  • Please do NOT attend the clinic for an appointment if you are suffering from:
    • Active dental & sinus infections
    • Fever, colds, cold sores
    • Local skin infections
    • Systemic infections
    • Uncontrolled chronic conditions such as poorly controlled diabetes, blood pressure or similar issues, cancers or autoimmune disease
    • Planning on having a Dental or Surgical treatment.
    • You cannot have certain treatments if you are Pregnant / Undergoing IVF/Breast-feeding.
  • If you do attend your appointment despite suffering from any of the above, you cannot be treated and will have to pay the full cost of the treatment.
  • It is therefore recommended you contact Dr Virmani at the earliest and at least 2 working days prior to your appointment, via email at to confirm your eligibility for a treatment should you have any of the above conditions.
  • If you develop an infection within 2 working days prior to the appointment, which requires you to cancel urgently, please present a health note or a GP letter for a refund of the deposit (minus 2%)
  • Routine review appointments are offered after treatments with Toxins/ Fillers
  • No additional treatment or ‘top up’ is provided free of charge for fillers.
  • Free top up for toxin is only offered within a review period of 3 weeks post treatment to a maximum of 12 units above the highest recommended dose (as suggested by the drug manufacturers) for the area treated.
  • New patients must have a consultation and assessment before any treatment and we CANNOT offer a non-essential treatment on the same day.
  • Treatments on the day of the first consultation can be performed under exceptional circumstances only and at the discretion of Dr Virmani.

Telephonic Consultations

We do not offer telephonic/ skype/ WhatsApp consultations.

We would advise you to consult a physician local to you for skin/ aesthetic issues or go to your nearest A&E if it is an emergency.

As a goodwill measure, we will provide a patient travelling from overseas/ out of London with a 15-minute telephonic assessment to ensure you are fit for potential treatments. Please be aware, this is not a substitute for a face to face consultation and we cannot guarantee your fitness to be treated after a telephonic assessment.


All patients treated by Dr Virmani will have access to a 24-hour emergency number and Dr Virmani will assist you, should you have a treatment related complication.

You have to bear the costs of complications and their management in full.

Please be aware that insurance companies might not cover these costs.

Children and Dependents

Please do not bring accompanying children under 18 (unless confirmed prior ) or pets to the clinic.

Please do not book an appointment or come for a treatment if you are under time restrictions due to childcare issues.


We arrange chaperones for your appointment, should you request for one. Please give us 48 hours notice in writing (email/letter) to do so.


  • You will be advised of the full costs of any treatment plan proposed and agreed upon including that of any maintenance treatment, before any treatment is undertaken.
  • Payment is taken, in full at the time of treatment or consultation. Occasionally we may invoice you/ send a payment link or request a Bank Transfer.
  • The clinic accepts Cash, BACS, debit and credit cards, including American Express.


Our charges cover:

  • Consultation and assessment and providing you with relevant information.
  • Safe treatment with evidence-based products, techniques and equipment.
  • Aftercare advice, prescriptions and support as appropriate
  • Aftercare products
  • Products or medications for maintenance care/at home care

All consultations, treatments and products are of the highest quality and proven scientifically.

However, results can vary between individuals and some individuals could potentially suffer adverse reactions to both invasive or non-invasive, prescription and non-prescription grade treatments and procedures.

It is impossible to guarantee your results and we cannot offer refunds if you suffer a complication (Excluding medical negligence) or the final results fail to meet your expectations, or you decide to not continue with a “package price” treatment.

Skin care products are non-returnable/refundable.

Complaints and Grievances

We take complaints and client satisfaction seriously.

Please email should you feel the need to raise an issue.

Dr Virmani will meet you personally and attempt to satisfy your issues to the best of our abilities.

We request you to not take up your grievances on a public platform such as social media etcetera as that would compel our legal team to act to protect our good name.