Dr Surbhi has created The French Girl Brow method.

Move over Fox brow.

Her relevant two-pronged approach in this treatment creates a brow that sits in a straighter line appearing more youthful and modern. The French Girl Brow has an understated modern yet classic appeal. It works to lift the brow in just the right way but also addresses the quality of the skin around the brow area. By improving the quality of the skin around the brow area the brows themselves appear cleaner and fresher.

This treatment uses targeted ultrasound which harnesses the gentle yet effective power of bands of energy which not only reinvigorates the area but also gives Dr Surbhi the ability to work very and precisely and safely around the eyebrow area triggering our own body to signal our cells to create more collagen.

Next, she carefully inserts MONO thread fibres around the eyebrow area and this prompts ‘deeper active collagen synthesis’ which continues to work over a six-week period delivering fantastic results.

This is NOT the same as a thread lift and has minimal side effects and downtime. This process is assisting you to produce your own collagen in the right location to lift your eye brows .

This combination uniquely lifts, tightens and sculpts the eyebrow area so that the straight across brow (no arching) is achieved. Not only will the eyes brows become straighter and more youthful but also the skin around them will appear softer and revitalised from the collagen stimulation. The French Girl Brow has arrived and its never looked so good. This is clean symmetry.

Jane Birkin would approve. 

Price £700.

Brow Strengthening and lifting with MONOs alone

The French Girl Brow Treated solely with Monos