We deploy technology and best practice in order to provide clients a safe, ethical and personal service, enhancing their natural beauty.

Juvederm, Belotero,Teosyal and Stylage make up our filler portfolio to give each client personalised results.


Hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers have been in use since 2003 when they replaced collagen injections as the filler of choice.


Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in our bodies and is responsible for hydration, cell nutrition, collagen production, lubrication and healing of wounds


Fillers with hyaluronic acid are produced by bacterial fermentation and then cross-linked for mechanical stability.


Different processing methods lead to individual differences between brands and types of filler, but they are all sold in pre-packed sterile syringes in the form of a gel.


Injecting fillers is more than a beauty treatment. It is a learned art if natural results are desired. It is a medical skill  if your safety is to be ensured. 

In many countries across the globe, only trained Doctors  are allowed to inject patients with these products.

Fillers, once injected, act like sponges and retain large quantities of water to keep the skin plumped and soft.

Fillers are not permanent, and results can last 12-18 months post-treatment.


We use top filler brands to ensure maximal results and minimal side effects.

We have perfected the art of painless injections using a patented computerised delivery system.






Calcium Hydroxylapatite (Radiesse ®) is an inert, biocompatible dermal filler, FDA approved for use for deep volume injection.

This product has been used in medicine for 25 years and no allergies have been reported.

Radiesse® is a 30% Calcium Hydroxylapetite particles suspended in a gel carrier. Once injected, it provides immediate volume correction but continues to work by stimulating the body to produce its own natural collagen


It causes more post injection swelling that hyaluronic acid fillers, but the end results last longer.


What is the downtime of filler injection


Most injections take under an hour to perform and you can proceed with your daily activities straight after. Most common side effects are bruising and swelling, although rarer complications can develop, as with any procedure.

These could include infections, inflammatory responses, localised and systemic allergies and very rarely embolization of the filler along a blood vessel.

At our practice, we run the benefits and risks past you in detail before acquiring your consent to proceed.


Therefore, it is important that you choose your aesthetic practitioner carefully and follow their instructions.


Your practitioner should be able to deliver the result but also be competent enough to manage any rare but serious complication this procedure can cause.


Costs should not compromise your choice of practitioner.



What are the costs involved?


Prices for fillers start at £300.

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