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Review for Wrinkle Consultations

I can’t speak highly enough about the wonderful treatment i had at beauty works, feeling old and haggered after hitting my forties and with the demands of three young kids and looking in the rear view mirror of my car on a sunny day filled me with complete horror feeling as though I’ve aged an awful lot.
I’ve hit the gym,lost two stone (I’ve got more to go)but my wrinkly face niggled away.
I nervously approached beauty works after speaking to Tracey (a very positive friendly lady the owner who told me all about Surbhi who provides a whole range of treatments and amazing lotions and potions. I wanted b….. and my initial reservations were helped when i learned she happens to be an NHS anaesthetist so she is more than familiar with using needles.
I walked in and was met with a warm friendly lady who took time to really educate me about the products and treatments and i went ahead and did it. I can honestly say i’ve not looked back. Im no beauty but i feel so much better now i can look more positively in the rear view mirror on a sunny day. Surbhi has followed up with amazing aftercare and really kept in touch with my progress. She has been very mindful of my limited budget and offered personalised skin care treatments that are really effective but don’t break the bank. Go to if you want a warm friendly experience that will lift your spirits. The whole team are very welcoming. x


Review for Facial Fillers

Thank you for your due diligence before performing the fillers, it was very important to understand the procedure and the risks associated. During the actual treatment Dr Virmani was a perfectionist and has a good eye for detail. I’m very happy with the results and aftercare advise.

CW, London

Review for Facial Fillers

I look like a teenager again!

PL, Belgium

Review for Tixel

Honestly, the difference is phenomenal and i’m in shock that it looks like this after 1 treatment!


Review for Lip Fillers

Best use of a Friday morning!


Review for Rosacea Treatment

Surbhi’s advice and encouragement has really helped with my skin, I
now actually know what I need to do to improve my skin without having
to take loads of medication. She has advised me on my diet as well as
given me the right creams to use. I am forever grateful for her help
and continuing working with her to improve my skin.” Halina Watts,
Showbiz Editor, Sunday Mirror

Halina Watts, London

Review for Profhilo

I wanted to have a glowing refreshed look without doing anything too invasive. After a lot of research and talking to Dr Virmani I decided to try Profhilo.

There isn’t much pain but it creates an unpleasant stinging sensation which lasts around 30seconds. I am a firm believer in ‘no pain, no gain’ I grimaced through the pain and was glad when it subsided a few moments later.
I had a little bump on my sides from the multiple injections which went down in a few hours and with no downtime required. It took a few days before I started to notice any visible improvement, mainly because unlike dermal fillers, the body has to produce the skin-boosting ingredients itself, which understandably takes a while.
The radiance boost was like nothing I have experienced before from any number of lotions and potions– and it kept on getting better as my skin produced more and more collagen. A treatment I highly recommend …

KK, London

I woke up this morning and I’m so happy! Thank you so much for my new lips. You knew exactly what I wanted and it shows in the results! I can’t believe I didn’t bruise, considering I know that I am a bruiser, all down to you! You made the whole experience so professional. Will defo be coming back and have already recommended you. Can’t thank you enough

DN, London

Review for Skin Boosters and Lip Hydration

My skin is looking good ….. looking radiant! lips lesser lines ,looking much better. Thanks a lot


Review for Anti Wrinkle Injections

I went to see Dr Virmani two weeks ago and I very impressed with care and attention she gave me. I have received b…. from several practitioners over the years, but I don’t think anyone has ever been as thorough as Dr Virmani. She also explained the many other options I have if I want to further improve my appearance and I will return to discuss things with her again in the autumn. I would recommend her treatments to friends.

HA, London

Review for Lip fillers

I had such a friendly and warm welcome when first arriving at Clinic. I had a very professional, thorough and reassuring consultation with the lovely Dr Surbhi, followed by Lip Filler treatment, this was a very pleasant/pain free experience. I am thrilled with the results achieved and would highly recommend Beauty Works!

TH, Dorset

Review for Rosacea and Skincare

I am so pleased I found Dr Surbhi. I was looking for some practical advice on how to look after my skin in my 40’s.

I had previously been using potent ( and expensive!) serums and creams thinking this was the best way, but in fact Dr Surbhi told me I had Rosacea and these products and treatments I had been using were way too harsh for my skin.

I had to ask myself ‘How could I get to the age of 42 and not realise the redness in my face had a name and was treatable on the nhs!’ And why had no beautician/aesthetician told me this before!

So I now have a skincare plan which involves getting the rosacea under control first, giving my skin the hydration it needs, and then assessing what other treatments might be useful after that.

Dr Surbhi has taken all the guesswork out of skincare for me. I feel I am in the best hands

HM, Richmond